We're a Cat Friendly Clinic

So we can offer the best care for your feline friends in settings they feel safe in

We are proud to be an ISFM SILVER Cat Friendly Clinic. But what does this actually mean?

We are aware that coming to the vets can be a stressful time for our feline friends so when they are here, we try to minimise their stress levels.

Our staff have been trained to be empathetic to a cat’s needs, we have a separate cat waiting area and there are towels behind reception that you can ask for to cover their catboxes to make them feel more secure. They are also welcome to be placed on the seats, allowing them to be above ground level.

When handling your pet, we'll try to use minimal restraint wherever possible, therefore reducing your pet's anxiety levels. If your cat needs to be hospitalised, they have their own cat ward. We also have appropriate equipment for diagnosing and treating your cat, and all our clinical staff regularly undertake continued professional development to stay abreast of recent developments.

We also have a dedicated Cat Advocate, who is our lovely vet Kath. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask her.

Please also see our Minimising Stress section for some top tips on how to minimise the stress of getting your cat into their basket and to the practice!

The Cat Friendly Clinic website also has some great tips on how to medicate your feline friend.