Cat Info

Giving your kitten the best start

Once you have your kitten, it is important to give them the best start in life by setting them up with a preventative health care plan to keep them healthy and safe from disease.

  • Our vaccination course encompasses 2 health checks with our vets and vaccination against flu (calicivirus and herpesvirus), enteritis (panleukopenia) and feline leukaemia virus.
  • Regular flea and worm treatment – we generally recommend monthly flea and roundworm treatment until 6 months of age at least, although sometimes advice may vary for an individual patient. Once they reach the 6-month mark, we can discuss the most suitable ongoing protocol for your pet that gets the right balance of keeping them protected based on their risk factors and fits in with your lifestyle and preferences.

We recommend joining our Pet Health Club to keep all your kittens' essential preventative health care covered for life.

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Neutering is hugely important in cats to prevent various health problems as well as to prevent unwanted litters, which is especially important in female cats that go outside. Having a litter of kittens is a big responsibility and finding homes can be difficult so it’s always better to be proactive in order to prevent this from becoming an issue. Castration of tom cats also reduces roaming behaviour and reduces their likelihood of catching certain infectious diseases.


We routinely vaccinate cats against panleukopenia (enteritis), calicivirus and herpesvirus (both part of the 'cat flu' complex), and feline leukaemia. The initial vaccine course for kittens can be started from 8-9 weeks with the second vaccine given 3-4 weeks later.

We do also offer rabies vaccination for pets planning on travelling abroad.

Dental Care

Dental disease is very common in cats, especially as they get older. The best way to get your kitten used to having their teeth brushed is to start when they are young. Our staff are very happy to discuss how to start tooth-brushing if you have any queries or concerns.