Getting the Right Kitten

All the info you need

As with any pet, making sure you will get the purrrrrrfect kitten to suit your lifestyle is hugely important. It’s always crucial to plan ahead and really consider how the new arrival will fit into your lifestyle and budget in the long term.

The first thing to consider is which breed (or crossbreed) to opt for, and also whether you really want a kitten or if an adult cat would be more suitable. There are very many lovely cats in rescue centres just waiting for a permanent home. Don’t be surprised if the rescue centre asks for a contribution towards their costs.

When it comes to choosing your kitten, it is important to visit it in the presence of its mother at least once. This would ideally be in a home environment, rather than a cattery situation. The kittens and mother should all look clean, have a nice shiny coat, and be lively, playful and friendly. The breeder should be open to answering any queries you have, and good breeders should also be keen to find out a bit more about you, to ensure that their kittens are being placed in a good home. If you are not happy, do not buy the kitten as this only encourages disreputable breeding practices.

Kittens tend to be rehomed from 8 weeks of age. Before you take them home, just make sure you’ve got a litter tray and cat carrier at the ready. Once you have your new arrival, it’s always sensible to bring them in for a health check with one of our vets – just to make sure everything is ok. Bring any paperwork that you have been given with you so that we can see if they have had any medications already, such as flea and worm treatments. Our vets will be able to give you advice on a preventative health care plan for the future. Remember not to let them outside until they have completed their vaccination course. It is usually wise to initially feed the same food as the breeder until the kitten has settled in, before gradually weaning over to a high quality kitten food of your choice. We do stock excellent kitten foods in the practice and are always happy to give dietary advice if you are unsure; just give us a call! The final thing to do would be getting your kitten used to being groomed from an early age, especially if they are long haired. If they feel that grooming is a positive experience, it will make your life easier in the long term!