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Exotics Info

Giving your exotic pet the best start

Our Head Vet, Yves Gisseleire, has a special interest in more exotic animals such as birds and reptiles, including bearded dragons, parrots and tortoises amongst others. As each species has very specific requirements, taking a thorough history is very important and therefore we tend to schedule exotic animals in for a half-hour appointment, to ensure that Yves can take the time required to discuss the problem, examine the patient and give recommendations.

When feasible, it is often beneficial to bring them in their usual enclosure, if it is of a size that can be transported, so that Yves can assess their environment. You don’t have to clean it out immediately before bringing them in as looking at any droppings etc. that may have accumulated can be useful. It is good to be prepared to answer questions about the animal’s diet, environment and lifestyle as part of the consultation, as well as any other treatment or medications they may have already had. We may also ask you to fill in a questionnaire when you arrive.

If you have any queries regarding exotic consults, please do give us a call.